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Finn Hudson feelings

Dear fandom, let us have a chat.

First and foremost, let me say that I understand that Santana is a bitch. Canonically so, in fact. They often shove it down our throats that Santana is a mean person. I am fully aware that making fun of someone’s weight is not something they can get over easily, nor is it something to make light of. Those things hurt, and they stick with you for a long time.

However. There are lines you do not cross. Outing someone is never something that is okay. It doesn’t matter how mean they are to you, they will come out when they are ready. You do not get to decide when they are ready. Especially in a canonically homophobic environment, there is no┬áreason to ever go there. Coming out is a sensitive subject. Whether or not you meant to tell the entire state of Ohio is not the point. You still shouted it in a crowded hallway, where any student could have heard you. This is not okay.

I am also not okay with the fact that this show does not address how awful Finn is sometimes. He is very often the worst, and there are absolutely no repercussions for his actions. Like that speech to Santana was supposed to be him being the voice of reason on this show? No. No. No. That is wrong and you should feel bad about it.

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